4K Production

Virtual Reality 360°

Post Production



Visiotel created Visio Productions, a video production company.
Our creative team has years of experience producing video productions for televisions, and also Brands and companies.
We are specialized in documentaries, based in History, Archaeology, Culture, Education, Travel and Discovery.
However, our diverse range of Production services is not limited to 4K UHD, but is also virtual reality design and 360 degree video virtual tours while our post production services include offline and online video editing, CAD and motion graphic design, 2D and 3D animation for businesses, and visual effects creation.

Archeology / History

Culture / Education

Discovery / Travel


All of our post production is done in house. The editing is where everything starts. It doesn’t all end when the shooting stops. Actually, this is when it starts. Our team of editors knows exactly how to pick the right shots to tell the story and engage the audience. We can handle projects of any size and format,  including for cinema or TV broadcasting. Our team can handle video editing in 4K, as well as the structure of the sequences, the music, the sound and the voice-over, if necessary.


We may not have a helicopter, but we certainly have the drones you need. We include aerial footage in our films, adding a unique view and enhancing all kinds of video productions. All of our drone pilots are fully insured and licensed. We know how to fly our drones while following the strict regulations of the Ministry of Aviation, and we have received permits for all the sites that we have already filmed.
All our drone aerial views are also in 4K. Aerial filming can also be  done in VR 360 degrees.


Escape the limits of traditional 2D video and enjoy total immersion!
We’ll take you anywhere with an interactive 360 video experience. Best of all, immersive videos can be used on mobile, desktop, and in Virtual Reality (VR), ensuring customers across any device can enjoy. YouTube and Facebook also natively support these video formats, making it even easier to promote all kind of creations.
As one of the Israeli’s leading 360 video production companies, we work as a full Production and Postproduction company.